The Camisole Connection is an information-only website created by Kathy Thompson. Kathy is a 7-year Stage 3B breast cancer survivor. Following her cancer journey, Kathy was surprised to learn that many folks in the medical world are unaware of cancer-related retail products. The Camisole Connection website serves as a way to spread the word about cancer-related products, specialty shops, and possibly ease someone else's cancer journey.*

The original intent with the Camisole Connection was to promote the  post-surgical camisole. The camisole is very useful for women following lumpectomy or mastectomy surgery. Kathy was fortunate to be sent home wearing one of these camisoles following a double mastectomy. For information about the camisole and other products, please visit the Manufacturer's page above.

The Camisole Connection is expanding to add information about other cancer-related products, resources, and organizations. You'll be surprised to learn how many cancer survivors are "paying-it-forward" to assist the next survivor.

There will be information for men too!

*Kathy is not selling anything.

Last updated: 10-09-13