Please click one of the links below to open a "Retailer Listing" PDF formatted file. Please allow time for the file to load. The USA and Australia PDF files are quite large and can take 2-3 minutes to load..

These files contain a listing of retail stores where cancer-related products may be purchased.*

Once you open the desired file you can search your location by "finding" your city, state, or province ("Control-F" for PC's, "Apple-F"  for Mac's).

Retailer Listings:

USA (by state)

AL-AR   Calif A-L   Calif M-Y   CO-IL   IN-MA   MI-MO   MT-NY   NC-OH   OK-TN   TX-WI

Australia (by territory)

Bermuda   Caribbean   Puerto Rico   Singapore

*These files will continue to be updated to add new retailers and countries. If you or someone you know has a business that could be added to this site, please email:

Thank you!

Last updated: 10-19-13