The Camisole Connection provides information about cancer-related products and resources for a woman's cancer treatment journey. These products are available through retail outlets; including specialty boutiques*, prosthetic & orthotic shops, drug stores, hospital gift shops, and cancer centers.

Cancer related products include scarves, wigs, swimsuits, pajamas, jewelry, skin cream and lotion, oversized hats and baseball caps, breast prosthesis, and post-surgical camisoles**. You may find a specialty boutique provides personalized service that is not available through an online purchase. An example of a specialty boutique is *‘Commenci’ in Tucson, AZ -

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**Note: Post-surgical camisoles are used following a lumpectomy or mastectomy. The camisole is feminine, covers drain tubes, has pockets for drain bulbs, and contains poly-fill breast prosthesis (as needed). In the US, many insurance companies, including Medicare, cover at least a portion of the cost of the camisole. Your insurance company may require a Rx script from your doctor prior to purchasing your camisole. The camisole is ideal for wearing home from surgery.

Last updated: 10-09-13